Here's some basic info if you're considering a plot at White Crane Springs.

When White Crane Springs Community Garden has open plots, and your name has come up as one of the next few on the wait list, here are some things to consider:  

Our garden has been providing beauty and pleasure to the Sunset District since 1972. Just South of 7th Ave and Lawton St., and at the end of Locksley St., WCS is open to the public and provides a peaceful respite from City life. Our garden of approximately 80 individual plots and areas of community space is maintained by more than six dozen garden members in the true sense of “natural” gardening - the best organic practices, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and sustainability projects including composting, sheet mulching and a Cob shed complete with a green living roof.

As a community run garden, we have all agreed to participate according to a set of guidelines, available here.  Please review the complete guidelines.  A few highlights to consider when deciding to become a member include:

• We adhere to organic practices

• We are a community of gardeners, and have a requirement of contributing 12 hours per year toward general garden maintenance (pro rated for new gardeners).  These hours can be earned through participating in or leading monthly garden work days, attending steering committee meetings, or taking on special projects.  They are a great opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and participate in our community, we have a lot of fun doing them!

• Contribute yearly dues of $25 ($15 for older adults 65+)

We hope you can join our community of gardeners. Please feel free to email with any questions! Here are the three questions we ask before you are allowed to join:

1.  Do you have a plot at any other CG in SF?
2.  Are you willing to garden year round - ie. tend your plot in the dead of winter even if that means just keeping it free of weeds?
3.  Are you willing to do 12 hours of community service every year?

Thanks for your interest.