Composting can be as easy as 1-2-3

If you are taking greens out of your plot, or want to contribute Independent Work Hours here are the simple steps you can take to help our composting efforts.

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You can find hand pruners in the main tool shed and sometimes in the storage box next to the greenhouse. They're in a bucket on the right along with some gloves and a brush to clean the pruners after use.

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There are two "green bins" in the rear Utility area that contain compostable greens.

If you're using green waste cleared from your own plot, this is a great place to mince them. If you don't finish, put your greens in one of the bins.

Invasive weeds are now in the back of the garden (just to the right of the wheelbarrows).
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Using the plastic garbage bin (located under the green tarp near the straw) or a wheelbarrow, chop up items into 4-6 inch long pieces.
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When done, put your chopped materials into one of the compost bins that is being built (it should be obvious).

If there is already a layer of greens 6 inches or more thick, add some browns from the brown material bin next to the green bins. Some of this might have to be chopped. You can also mix in a little manure when filling bins 1 & 2.
That's it. We're going to let these bins decompose over time and not stress.

Thanks for helping with the composting.